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Edging our way from the ashes of manufacturing and industry — to the full embrace of intellectual property, recycling, electronic commerce and clean [weightless? Spaceless?] energy sources like solar and wind power — with the slow phasing-out of printed news, magazines, bills, contracts and ephemera — it seems we find ourselves living in an increasingly paperless world. And by all appearances, these newer methods of exchange and productivity seem to be reliable, yet more efficient. At this stage, clearly there’s no turning back now. So instead of standing agape in pure speculation, denial, panic and/or paranoia, one might hold the belief that now is the time to dig in – to do the work — to invest in the intellectual challenge – so as to proactively define the fine art, electronic future in the best, most uniform, pragmatic way one knows how and is capable of.

- Max Eternity 2009



February 4, 2009

UPDATED Feb 6,  2008:

The Electronic Space Print is a paperless print press and authentication process, conceived by autodidact polymath, Max Eternity.  Max — the Editor of Art Digital Magazine —  the author of Collecting Digital Prints,  a peer-reviewed white paper — is a multi-disciplined artist who has been creating digital prints since 1995.  Though. his professional career as an artist began many years before that, in 1989.

As of now, in his discovery and crafting of electronic space to create a “print press” in the virtual realm — an electronic space print platform — substrate/medium — he indicates the vital necessity of the three cornerstones attributions of said virtual press and the authentication of its produced editioned space print(s).  However, please be aware that while open-ended editions can exist, they only require the first listed cornerstone for authentication. So, to understand clearly, open-editions only require the first listed cornerstone and limited editions require all three of the listed cornerstones.

The three attribution cornerstones of ESP’s print press hallmarks and authentication of those therein — providing provenance for appraisal — are as follows:

1.  The [notated] Electronic Space Print with the Artist’s Electronic Signature

2.  The  prescribed Uniform Electronic Transmission Document with Electronic Signature(s) of Owner(s) and/or Seller(s).

3.  The, printed or electronic, sales receipt.

A complete white paper will be soon forthcoming; providing detailed descriptions of the ESP’s creation  — hallmarking — provenance — attribution — protocol and process.  In the meantime, one may download this provenance chart to gain a better understanding of the virtual press of the E/S/P and its authentication provenance protocol for limited editions.

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