White Paper for the E/S/P Fine Art Process

February 6, 2009

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Edging our way from the ashes of manufacturing and industry — to the full embrace of intellectual property, recycling, electronic commerce and clean [weightless? Spaceless?] energy sources like solar and wind power — with the slow phasing-out of printed news, magazines, bills, contracts and ephemera — it seems we find ourselves living in an increasingly paperless world. And by all appearances, these newer methods of exchange and productivity seem to be reliable, yet more efficient. At this stage, clearly there’s no turning back now. So instead of standing agape in pure speculation, denial, panic and/or paranoia, one might hold the belief that now is the time to dig in – to do the work — to invest in the intellectual challenge – so as to proactively define the fine art, electronic future in the best, most uniform, pragmatic way one knows how and is capable of.

- Max Eternity 2009


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